What is Flash Seats�?

Flash Seats® is a full-service, 100% electronic ticketing service. It allows fans to manage their tickets via the Internet. It also gives fans the ability to sell, buy, and transfer tickets through an online marketplace. See the following sections for an overview of the Flash Seats service:

Electronic Ticketing

Unique Aspects of the Online Marketplace


Contacting Flash Seats

Electronic Ticketing

The Flash Seats electronic ticketing system allows you to take advantage of these great features:

Note: The ability to buy, sell, or transfer tickets varies by each team or venue that participates in the Flash Seats service.

Get In Fast!

Flash Seats’ electronic ticketing eliminates paper tickets. Fans swipe any form of electronic ID (credit card, driver’s license, etc.) at the gate and then enter the arena. No lost or stolen tickets. It’s really fast!

Buy and Sell Seats Online!

Flash Seats gives fans a secure, anonymous, online marketplace where they can buy and sell seats safely and conveniently. Flash Seats handles the payment transactions. Since buyers and sellers remain anonymous, privacy is always protected.

Sell Seats You Can’t Use!

Can’t make it to an event? Flash Seats' online marketplace provides you with the opportunity to capture fair market value for your seats. Just select the seats you want to sell and set your price!

Buy Premium Seats to SOLD OUT Events!

You can buy great seats to events, knowing that the seats are always authentic and never counterfeit. Your seats are instantly placed into your Flash Seats account, and you're notified via email. No waiting. No shipping fees. In fact, NO SHIPPING at all!

Instantly Transfer Seats to Guests!

Flash Seats can also be used to transfer seats to anyone with Internet access. Transfers can be made at any time and delivered immediately via email.

If you use Flash Seats to manage your season tickets for a specific team, Flash Seats is also perfect for shared season ticket holders. You can easily divide a set of tickets via email – no waiting, no mailing, no insured deliveries. Everyone has their own seats to use, transfer, or sell.

Unique Aspects of the Online Marketplace

Flash Seats is the best marketplace to find tickets for the events you want. It has the following benefits:

Flash Seats in Not an Auction

Flash Seats is a market, not an auction. The most important differences between a market and an auction are:

When any of these things happens, the transaction is completed instantly, obligating both parties.


Flash Seats is committed to providing our customers with the most secure system available. All critical information, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and email addresses, is transferred via secure channels that encrypt your personal information. You can see that your information is encrypted by looking for the lock icon in your Internet browser, which appears when accessing secure pages. Flash Seats also has multiple layers of security around the servers and the data centers that contain all customer data.

Contacting Flash Seats

You can contact Flash Seats in any number of easy ways.

Resolution Window at Box Office

If you arrive at an event and have questions or problems entering, go to the Flash Seats Resolution Window at the Box Office. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you with any issues.

Customer Service

Please visit our Support page or by email at

Web Site

To access Flash Seats' web site, go to

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