Registering as a New User

To use the Flash Seats® site to buy, sell, or transfer tickets, you need to register. The registration process is simple and requires you to complete some basic personal information. Anyone over 18 years can register with the system. For details on the registration process, see the following sections:

Creating a New Account

The New User Registration page gives new users the opportunity to open an account with Flash Seats. You can establish a login ID through this page using your email address. You must fill out the registration form and select and confirm a password to help safeguard your account. The New User Registration page marks each required field with an asterisk*.

Important! You must be 18 years of age or older to register with the Flash Seats system, but fans under 18 can add their ID to another account holder's account (e.g., teenage children can add their IDs to a parent's account).

To create a Flash Seats account:

  1. Go to the Flash Seats home page at, and click Register at the top of the page. The New User Registration page appears.

    Note: If you already have a Flash Seats account, click the click here link next to the Email Address field. The Log in to Flash Seats page appears, where you can log in to the Flash Seats site.

  2. Enter the following information:

  3. Flash Seats uses security questions and your answers to verify your identity when working with customer service representatives on the phone or at events. You need to answer two security questions; you can choose from the following options:
  4. Read the entire Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. The Terms and Conditions specify the provisions that you agree to by opening an account with Flash Seats. The Privacy Policy details how Flash Seats collects and uses the personal information you provide.
  5. If you agree to both the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and the terms incorporated therein, click Yes. You must click Yes in order to open an account with Flash Seats, and by clicking Yes, you accept that this agreement is enforceable just like any other agreement you sign. If you do not agree to both the User Agreement and Privacy Policy and the terms incorporated therein, click No.

    If you understand your rights with regards to arbitration of claims as outlined in the Legal Disputes section of the User Agreement, click Yes. You must click Yes before you may open an account with Flash Seats. If you do not understand your rights, click No.
  6. After you've completed all the information on the form, click the Sign Up button.

Registering Successfully

Once you register successfully, a message appears telling you that your account was created. In order to complete the registration process, you need to verify the email address that you will use to log in to the Flash Seats site. Until you verify your email address, your account will have limited access--you will be able to browse the Buy page and view events for which tickets are available, but you will not be allowed to place a bid on tickets or buy them. See the next section for details on verifying your login email.

If your registration was not successful, an error message tells you the reason why it was not successful. Some of the possible errors you may see include the following:

Verifying Your Login Email

Once you register successfully, Flash Seats needs to verify your login email address for security purposes. You will receive a verification email that contains a verification link and code.

To verify your email address:

  1. Open the verification email you received from Flash Seats, and then do one of the following:

You're now ready to use the site. In order to gain entry to events or buy and sell tickets, you need to register a valid form of ID to your account. See the Identification section.

Adding Identification to Your Account

After you've verified your email address, a page appears informing you that you need to enter a form of identification to enter an event. When you arrive at a venue, Flash Seats verifies your identity by swiping the ID on your account. You can swipe one of the following forms of identification:

These forms of identification must be added to your Flash Seats profile prior to arriving at the venue.

For details on adding a driver's license or credit card to your account, see the Identification section.

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