Flash Seats FAQs

Questions about selling seats

I’m a Nuggets Season Ticket Holder. Can I use Flash Seats to sell my seats?

If you’re a full season ticket holder, you can use Flash Seats to sell your tickets, but you’ll need to convert all your remaining tickets for the season from paper to Flash Seats. To do this, you can fill out the form on the Flash Seats site at Join Now, call your Denver Nuggets representative, or email:  customerservice@flashseats.com

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Why should I sell my seats on Flash Seats?

Flash Seats is the best place to sell your seats because it is a marketplace endorsed by the team. Business is driven to the web site from Nuggets advertising, making it the perfect market for finding a buyer that is passionate about Nuggets basketball.

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How do I place seats for sale?

It’s easy to list your seats for sale on Flash Seats:

  • Log in to your Flash Seats account
  • Click Tickets at the top of the page. Your available games appears.
  • Choose the game you want to sell and click the Sell button.
  • On the Event Information page, choose your selling options and enter your asking price. Preview Your Offer to make sure all the information is correct.
  • Once you Confirm the listing, your seats will be available to anyone who wants to place a bid/buy them.

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Is there a fee to sell seats on Flash Seats’ system?

When you sell Denver Nuggets seats, you will be charged a 5% fee based on the purchase price.

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Which seats can I sell?

You can sell any seats in your Flash Seats account that are enabled for resale. Tickets that are enabled for resale have a Sell button that appears next to them on the Tickets tab. The ability to sell tickets is determined by the promoter or team sponsoring an event. When choosing which seats to list for sale, you will be required to choose seats that are next to each other. This ensures that buyers will always have seats that are next to each other when buying more than one seat.

If you want to sell seats that are not next to each other, you must list each group of seats in a separate listing.

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Will I have to deal with the buyer directly?

No. In Flash Seats, both buyers and sellers are anonymous. Once a sale is made, the seats are transferred directly into the buyer’s account and the payment is deposited directly into the seller’s account.

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When does a listing expire?

When listing seats for sale, sellers choose how long the listing will be available to buyers. The options available vary depending on the current time and when the event starts. Generally the seller can set the expiration to any of the following:

  • One day from now
  • Two days from now
  • Three days from now
  • One week from now
  • One day before event
  • One hour before event
  • At event start time
  • One hour after event start time
  • Custom (a date and time that you specify)

Note: Regardless of when the sellers set the expiration for their listing, they can retract their listing at any time. Setting the expiration is merely a convenience to the seller.

Please keep in mind when using Flash Seats that it is a marketplace, not an auction. The most important differences between a market and an auction are:

  • A seller can accept ANY BID at ANY TIME up until the bid expires or is retracted (i.e., sellers can "sell now")
  • A buyer can accept ANY OFFER at ANY TIME (with Buy Now) until the offer expires or is retracted (i.e., buyers can "buy now")
  • A bid might still be ACCEPTED AFTER A HIGHER COMPETITIVE BID is placed (e.g., in the case where the higher bid expires.)

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Can I retract my listing?

Yes, you can retract your listing at any time. To remove a listing for sale:

  • Log in to your Flash Seats account, and click Listings.
  • Choose the listing you want to retract and click the Retract button. The Event Information page will display the details of your listing.
  • If you are sure you want to retract your listing, click the Yes, Retract Now button. A page confirming the retraction appears.

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How and when am I paid if my seats are sold?

The transaction happens immediately. The money from the buyer will be transferred into your Flash Seats account upon the selling of the seats.

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Does Flash Seats give me a way to promote tickets I'm selling?

Yes. Flash Seats allows you to create promotional links to the tickets you're selling on the marketplace. You can post these links on sites like Facebook or Twitter or email them to friends and family to drive people to your ticket listings. After you list your tickets for sale, you'll have the option to create promotional links from the ticket listing confirmation page. Simply click the logo for the site on which you want to post a link to your tickets, and follow our easy-to-use interface to post your links.

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